The Dead Sea Seismic Array Network

Welocme to the Dead Sea Seismic Array Network.
a cooporation between different nationalities around the Dead Sea.


DSN is dedicated to:
1. Monitor micro-seismicity in the Dead Sea area.
2. Develop earthquake early warning algorithems.
3. Provide a network to connect people from around the Dead Sea.

The Stations:

The DSN is composed of micro-array stations spreaded along the Dead Sea rift zone.
Each station is composed of a main broad band seismometer srounded by six vertical short-period sensors in ~100m radius. This formation allow us to exploite all the sensors in a single station to detect, locate and analys seismic events of very small magnitude.
DSN stations map

EEWS Development:

The DSN people develop algorithms for EEWS - Earthquake Early Warrning System.
The main focuse is on single-station alerts and on-site alerts.

Software Development:

DSN works also on developing codes, scripts and software to aid in seismology research.
We develop modules and plugins for the
SeisComp3 software, Linux drivers for the JoiWarrior24F14 and for the DMT SummitM Hydra datalogger.
See our software page for more details.

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